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Holby City star Jaye Jacobs teases final episode and reveals favourite Donna story

"It really honours the long-term fans."

Holby City spoilers follow.

In the last of our final (sob!) Holby City chats, we get the lowdown from Jaye Jacobs, who has played fun-loving nurse Donna Jackson since 2004.

After initially bowing out of the role in 2011, Jaye returned to the show in 2017 and has been there ever since.

Here, Jaye reflects on her time at Holby, reveals what fans can expect from the final episode and discusses her future plans.

What can you tell us about the final episode?

"The end episode is for those people who have petitioned and were part of the huge outpouring of trying to save the show. I think it really honours those hardcore, long-term fans. I'm really proud of that."

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What have you most enjoyed about playing Donna?

"I certainly enjoyed the love. I was going to say the men, but there were women too! I did enjoy how many she's got through though. WHAT A WOMAN, hats off to her."

What will you miss the most about Holby?

"My friends. I've had lifelong friends, some who are still here but some who were in it when I was about 21. It's having those lifelong friends who've come through the show and seeing them every single day. That's what I'll miss most."

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Are you looking forward to doing other types of roles?

"Definitely. The reason I came back was because I love Donna. She had a reputation and there was a lot of fun to be had with her. I do want to experiment with other roles but it's such a weird feeling.

"There is a lot about Donna we never got to find out and it's weird to leave feeling like there is more to do, but it's also more exciting. To be honest, a completely different genre would be amazing. "

What was it like having to say goodbye to Donna after all this time?

"I can't say goodbye. I don't know, do you say goodbye? Because we've played them day in day out, there is a part of me that is her. She is an exemplified part of me and I don't think it'll ever be goodbye."

What are your thoughts on Waterloo Road coming back?

"It'll catch on with a new generation. I think it's a smart move."

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As a TV viewer yourself, have there been any other shows that have made you feel bereft when they finished?

"I always get the name wrong, but The OA. I was gutted! I think there should have been a petition. I think these days though, shows that are on every single week is a hell of an investment, isn't it?"

Did you take want to take any souvenirs from the set?

"There was a larger-than-life picture of Bob Barrett dressed as Sacha in the corridor. I planned to take that home because everybody needs a little Sacha in their lives. "

Do you have a favourite memory?

"Yes, the storyline with Donna's dad. You know when you just have a vignette in your mind of a beautiful time and I loved him. They loved him so much that they brought him back as a ghost."

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Holby City's final episode will air on Tuesday, March 29 at 7.50pm.

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