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Death in Paradise airs shocking arrest cliffhanger

We didn't see that one coming.

ralf little as neville and shantol jackson as naomi in a scene from death in paradise season 12
Denis Guyenon/Red Planet PicturesBBC

Death in Paradise spoilers follow.

Death in Paradise has aired a shock cliffhanger that saw DI Neville Parker accused of murder.

Tonight's (February 10) instalment saw Neville is tasked with investigating the death of water taxi owner named Jake Dalton, following the arrival of a mysterious letter announcing a murder will happen on the island.

While investigating Jake's murder and the letter, Neville and co are brought into contact with former forensics professor David Cartwright (Patrick Kennedy), who employs Jake's wife Rose as a cleaner.

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While initially only there to confirm an alibi for Rose, the group soon suspected that David was actually hiding something, noting that he would be capable of committing a crime and without leaving evidence.

Neville later challenged David on his suspicions and exposed his "unbreakable" alibi. However he was one step ahead, revealing the police won't be able to find sufficient DNA to charge him with the murder.

Following the exchange Neville returned home frustrated, finally snapping after finding a signed copy of David's book addressed to him and the address of his event being held at a hotel.

"This ends now, he's not going to do this to me, I won't let him do this to me," he told a concerned Sophie, before heading back out.

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Denis GuyenonBBC

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After driving over to the hotel were David's event is being held, Neville angrily confronted the professor. What exactly went down between the pair wasn't shown as the camera panned up to the sky, later revealing that David is now dead.

Naomi questioned Neville's absence from the investigation before the Commissioner revealed the final shocking twist of the episode – Neville is currently the prime suspect for David's murder.

But is Neville guilty, or could this be the final part of David's elaborate scheme?

Death in Paradise series 12 airs on Friday nights on BBC One and streams on BBC iPlayer. A spin-off, Beyond Paradise, premieres on Friday, February 24.

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