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Luther: The Fallen Sun trailer brings back Idris Elba's rogue detective

"Let the nightmare come, 'cos I'm ready."

idris elba as john luther, luther the fallen sun

Luther: The Fallen Sun has unleashed its suitably intense first trailer ahead of Idris Elba's much-anticipated return as the rogue detective.

If you'll recall, DCI John Luther ended the BBC series in prison for various misdemeanours (we lost track of them all, really), but his first feature-length outing obviously doesn't just take place in prison.

The trailer opens with a brutal prison riot that likely leads to Luther's escape, much to the chagrin of his former boss DSU Martin Schenk (the returning Dermot Crowley) and new character Odette Raine (Cynthia Erivo).

But they might secretly be happy as a new villain is on the rampage, and Luther might be the only one who can stop him. See what we mean by checking out the first trailer for Luther: The Fallen Sun below:

That villain is cyber psychopath and serial killer David Robey, played by Lord of the Rings star Andy Serkis. We see Robey taunting Luther throughout the trailer and he seems as terrifying as any Luther villain we've seen to date.

Luther is out of prison and we'd always bet on him to stop any killer: "Let the nightmare come, 'cos I'm ready."

Last month, it was confirmed that Luther: The Fallen Sun would be released in select cinemas from February 24, ahead of its global debut on Netflix on March 10, so you've still got some time for a Luther rewatch if you need one.

idris elba as john luther, luther the fallen sun

This could just be the start of more Luther movies if this one turns out to be a hit, and Idris Elba has even been teasing that he might not be Luther forever.

"John is a leading character in a film that he's the hero of. That's the comparison I'm making. Some films do them well – Bond is one of them. But my ambition for it is to have that sort of scale, that reverence," he explained.

"I want people to be like, 'Ooh! Luther, the first film? Wicked'. And to continue that. And then maybe later down the line, when I'm too old, someone else will step in to play John."

Luther: The Fallen Sun is released in select cinemas on February 24 and on Netflix on March 10.

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