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13 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

What's coming up in Walford?

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEnders, Ryan returns – leaving Lily with a decision to make.

Meanwhile, Denise struggles to resist Ravi, and Eve is left devastated by Suki's latest decision.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up.

1. Whitney breaks her promise to Stacey


After spending the day with Whitney, Lily questions Stacey about her biological dad, Ryan.

Stacey is cross with Whitney for influencing Lily's behaviour, but Whitney is equally frustrated that Stacey is continuing to keep Ryan in the dark over Lily's pregnancy.

She promises to let Stacey tackle this in her own time, but when Whitney learns that the test results for her baby have been delayed for a further two weeks, she decides to confide in Ryan about her own situation following some persuasion from Zack.

Whitney's emotions get the better of her while on the phone and she ends up telling Ryan that Lily is pregnant.

2. Jack lashes out again

jack branning, eastenders

Jack is intent on coming through for his family after a difficult few weeks and arranges a family lunch at Walford East.

After a bumpy start when Sam turns up, the family start to enjoy each other's company.

Unfortunately, the harmony is short-lived when Jack learns that Nugget is responsible for the bullying Ricky and Lily are facing at school, and a blazing row breaks out between him and Ravi.

3. Denise struggles to resist Ravi

ravi gulati, denise fox, eastenders

The row continues between Denise and Jack back at home. Fed up, Denise storms out and heads to Walford East to find Ravi.

As Denise apologises to Ravi, sparks fly between them and the pair get closer than ever

4. Stacey gets bad news

stacey slater, eastenders

When a stressed Stacey injures her back, Freddie offers to step in to help with the bap van and is an instant success with the customers.

Later, Whitney – who is wracked with guilt following her conversation with Ryan – heads over to the Slater house, where she plans to come clean about what she's done.

Before Whitney has time to reveal all, Stacey receives an unsettling phone call from Kat, who reveals that her van has been broken into.

5. Ryan returns

bobby beale, ryan molloy, eastenders

Things go from bad to worse for Stacey when Ryan arrives back on the Square. As a shocked Stacey speaks with him in the café, a sheepish Lily arrives to see her dad.

Lily enjoys spending quality time with her dad, and Ryan offers to help her out financially.

He later exchanges some harsh words with Jack and Sam in The Vic over the situation.

6. Phil tries to make amends with Billy

billy mitchell in eastenders

A guilty Phil realises that Billy is struggling financially and arranges a job for him.

Billy is initially against the offer and mouths off at Ben, who tries to get him to see the other side.

Ben encourages Billy to take the job, arguing that he can use the money to help Lola.

7. Chelsea takes a shine to Keanu

chelsea fox, eastenders

Chelsea invites a wayward Keanu to Peggy's with a plan to get him a permanent job there.

After a drunken customer gets aggressive with Sam and Chelsea, Keanu swoops in to save the day.

8. Denise makes a discovery about Jack

denise fox, jack branning, eastenders

Denise and Jack's relationship woes worsen when he fails to remember that it's Valentine's Day. Spotting her dad's mishap, Amy springs into action and arranges a romantic evening for them.

As Denise gets ready, Ravi arrives to discuss the night before and to express his growing desire for her.

Denise tries hard to fight against her lust for Ravi, but is left heartbroken when she overhears Jack telling Sam that Amy is responsible for arranging their Valentine's Day date, not him.

9. Ryan drops a bombshell

ryan molloy, eastenders

Sam, Ricky Jnr and Ryan arrive to support Lily at her first scan, infuriating Stacey in the process.

At the hospital, Ryan drops a bombshell which could change everything.

10. Stacey and Lily clash

stacey slater, lily slater, sam mitchell, eastenders

Lily and Ricky are overjoyed to see their baby for the first time, but Stacey and Ryan are quickly asked to leave because they are arguing.

At home, Lily is upset with her mum for her behaviour towards Ryan, but Stacey is quick to remind her that Martin is her dad, and the one who has always come through for her.

11. Sharon makes Linda an offer

linda carter, sharon watts, eastenders

After a bad night, Linda confides in Sharon that she's had a call from the lawyer, telling her that Janine still wants to sell Mick's half of The Vic.

The pair head to the café to hatch a plan, but it soon becomes apparent that Linda may have to sell up anyway.

Wanting to help her friend, Sharon later makes Linda an offer she can't refuse and is soon moving forward with her plans to buy Mick's half of the pub.

12. Suki makes an announcement

nish panesar, suki kaur panesar, eastenders

Eve overhears the conversation between Linda and Sharon over the pub, and puts forward Suki as a potential buyer in an attempt to win back her trust.

Suki, who is still hurt over Eve's betrayal, publicly reveals in The Vic that she and Nish will be recommitting their vows of marriage.

Eve is left devastated over this, believing she has lost Suki for good.

13. Lily makes a big decision

lily slater, eastenders

Ryan's return will prompt Lily to start reevaluating her future by the end of the week.

Feeling like a burden to Stacey, and conflicted by her family's mounting money issues, Lily makes a big decision.

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