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Paradise Lost potential release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know

The Winter is com— oh wait, wrong show.

gal gadot as wonder woman
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Co-heads of DC Studios James Gunn and Peter Safran are dropping an atom bomb in the DC Universe. It's a new world order.

Little is slated to survive the wreckage as they clear out the old disconnected films and TV shows to make room for a new, unified universe.

On the list of shows to be ushered into the new era is Paradise Lost.

Gunn has great plans for the Wonder Woman prequel series, some of which he's even been kind enough to share.

Here's what we know so far.

Paradise Lost potential release date: When's it on?

wonder woman and the amazons
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It's exciting, isn't it? The almost tangible reality of DC linking their content so that one franchise blends into the other. It's the stuff of nerdy dreams. Sadly, though, Gunn and Safran have only just begun to put the work in.

We're not sure yet where Paradise Lost falls in the chain of things. The show is still in development and is grouped in with the other dateless projects, despite others having been scheduled up until 2025.

Fear not. This doesn't mean fans will have to wait until after 2025 for the prequel to arrive, merely that there's no scheduling to date.

We'll keep you in the loop as and when the information comes trickling in.

Paradise Lost cast: Who will be in it?

wonder woman 1984, connie nielsen, hippolyta
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It has already been established that Paradise Lost will be a prequel to Wonder Woman set before Diana's birth, which means Gal Gadot will not be making an appearance.

We could, however, see some of the Wonder Woman Amazonians in the upcoming show. It's possible that Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright could reprise their respective roles as the rulers of Themyscira, Hippolyta and Antiope.

However, we have a feeling that DC's clean-house approach will make executives and creatives keen to introduce a bunch of new, fresh faces. This means the arrival of new actors unrelated to the franchise. After all, if Henry Cavill had to be on the chopping block, then no one is safe.

Paradise Lost plot: what will happen?

connie nielsen as queen hippolyta in wonder woman
Warner Bros.

Billed as a Game of Thrones-esque TV series, Paradise Lost is set to focus on the origin of Themyscira, the birthplace of Wonder Woman.

"It's almost like Game of Thrones with Westeros, but with all of the inhabitants of Paradise Island," stated Gunn during his DC Universe breakdown.

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His fellow co-creator said the show is set to involve "all of the darkness, drama and political intrigue behind this society of only women".

Gunn then added:"It's an origin story of how this society of women came about. What does it mean? What are their politics like? What are their rules? Who's in charge? What are the games that they play with each other to get to the top?"

What does that mean? It means fans can expect a pretty lively power struggle for control of the Island, and possibly the backstory to how Hippolyta and Antiope came to rule.

Where Game of Thrones copped a bad rap for its mistreatment of women, Paradise Lost has the opportunity to do the complete opposite.

This female-led show could explore women in a much fuller way — diving into ruthlessness, determination, and compassion as it asks the question: "What does honour mean and look like amid the pursuit of power?"

Paradise Lost trailer: When can I watch it?

Right now, Paradise Lost lives on the pages of pre-production script and is unlikely to jump off them anytime soon.

A release time-frame would give us a much better understanding of when the trailer could land, so keep checking in for that. We'll definitely update you.

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