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EastEnders reveals Eve Unwin's shock betrayal of Suki Panesar

Following their heartbreaking falling out.

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has revealed Eve Unwin's shock betrayal of Suki Panesar.

The former couple have been on the outs ever since Suki reluctantly called time on their romance to get back with her manipulative husband Nish once he got out of jail.

This week, Eve tried to comfort Suki after Nish threatened his wife, yet Suki coldly rejected her former partner by revealing their time together had "meant nothing".

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Friday's episode (February 10) saw Eve interject herself in the feud between the Panesars and Phil Mitchell as a means to get some payback on Suki.

Suki was unnerved to see Eve working as Nish's lawyer to broker some kind of business arrangement with the Mitchells, and while Suki demanded to be part of any business decisions, Nish relegated her to cooking for the meeting.

Once Suki was out of earshot, Nish instructed Eve to get Suki to sign documents that would transfer half the businesses to their son Vinny and allow Nish to release equity to spend on Phil's chicken shops.

When Eve realised Nish's intentions, her first instinct was to tell Suki the truth, yet Stacey Slater warned her to stay out of the Panesar family's business.

eastenaders, eve, suki

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Eve's mind was made up when Suki once again made it clear she wanted nothing to do with her, so Eve had her initial the paperwork without revealing the truth.

Suki signed, then demanded: "Get out of my house."

Later, Nish and Phil seemingly managed to make peace and shake hands over a deal even Eve thought was dodgy. Once Suki realised her husband had scammed her, she confronted Eve.

"How could you? That was my money, Eve, that was my way out," Suki desperately explained. "Everything I've worked for, I've built from the ground up and now he's taking it and you're helping him."

Eve tried to apologise and mentioned she knew Suki never meant the harsh words they've shared, yet Suki insisted she'd been right about Eve.

"I don't want you near me ever again," Suki demanded.

eastenders, suki, eve

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Back at home, Nish tried to manipulate Suki into officially remarrying him by warning her their kids might not be so forgiving if she rejected him.

Can Suki get out of this destructive marriage?

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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