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Waterloo Road reveals Preston aftermath in 7 huge spoilers for next week

What's next at the school?

Waterloo Road spoilers follow.

Waterloo Road airs its final episode of the series next week, as Preston faces the fallout of his kiss with Kai.

Elsewhere, Danny is arrested after he makes a terrible mistake, and Donte finds a way to honour Chlo.

Here's a full collection of seven big moments coming up.

1. Preston decides to be honest

preston walters, waterloo road

Preston approaches Kai following their kiss, telling him that it wasn't a mistake and he wants them to talk properly.

After Kai makes it clear that he won't be used as an experiment, or kept as a secret, Preston is inspired to confide in his mum Nicky, following a chat with Donte.

Inspired by Donte's words, Preston attempts to be honest with Nicky, but their conversation doesn't go entirely to plan.

2. Danny makes a terrible mistake

danny lewis in waterloo road
Wall To Wall/Rope Ladder Fiction/David GennardBBC

Danny's day gets off to a good start when he learns that he's passed his resit exams.

Danny is planning to affirm his progress at the school by taking part in the concert, but things take a worrying turn when his mum's boyfriend Vinny arrives, wanting his money back.

As the situation turns violent, Danny ends up stabbing Vinny – with devastating consequences.

3. Kai plays matchmaker

adam ali as kai sharif in waterloo road
Wall To Wall/Rope Ladder Fiction/BBC

Feeling positive following his chat with Preston, Kai is left feeling even more hopeful when he realises that Samia may be moving on as well.

After spotting a connection between Samia and Danny, Kai separately urges the pair to give their relationship a chance, unaware that everything is about to change…

4. Danny is arrested

donte charles, nicky walters, preston walters waterloo road

As Danny reels from what's happened with Vinny, he soon realises that he's facing police charges.

While Danny spirals out of control, word starts to spread around school about the incident.

Unaware of the full circumstances, the students stage a protest against Danny's arrest, much to Lindon's horror.

5. Donte has a touching idea

donte charles, waterloo road

Donte is still reeling from the events in tonight's episode, much to the concern of his daughter Izzy – who urges him to channel his anger into something more positive.

Inspired, Donte teams up with Preston to make a wishing tree from the scraps of Coral's damaged car.

Donte hopes that people will be encouraged to write down their hopes and wishes for the school and hang them on the tree. He also wants to start up a charity in Chlo's name, but is discouraged when Neil reminds him of the admin work that will be needed to get this off the ground.

6. Coral decides to resign

coral walker, waterloo road

Coral arrives back at the school for her review in the wake of everything that's happened.

Kim wants to diminish some of Coral's responsibilities to ease the pressure, but is thrown when Coral insists that she is planning to resign altogether.

Coral explains that she doesn't believe she will be able to work alongside a grieving Donte moving forwards. But when Donte later approaches Coral to ask if she will lead his charity for Chlo, what will she say?

7. Kim makes a big decision

kimcampbell, waterloo road

Kim's elation over the school's latest results is short-lived when she gets a call from the local education agency.

Unfortunately, they aren't calling to offer their congratulations and Kim quickly realises they have been made aware of Donte's actions.

Horrified, Kim berates Lindon for throwing her under the bus, but he retaliates by accusing her of blurring the lines between personal and professional.

Feeling defeated following Danny's later incident, Kim eventually decides to resign from her role as Headteacher.

Waterloo Road airs its next episode on Tuesday, February 14 at 8pm on BBC One. The new series is currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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